Hello, “Early Tester” BH Agent.

This is a mission solely for you.

Deadline: 03.01.2023

  • 50 BHAT per Early Tester that passed the snapshot and completed the Brief
  • And 3x special prizes to be offered randomly to 3 of you:
    • 3,000 BHAT
    • 2,000 BHAT
    • 1,000 BHAT

BH Agents Early Tester Mission Brief

1. Connect to devnet.topiqs.com with the address you hold your NFTs in.

a. Go to “My Profile,”

b. Register and verify your email

c. Fill out all the information requested to be allowed to create a job.

You will test and experience how a freelancer will use the platform on the devnet.

TopIQs Devnet email

2. Edit your profile and complete the information required to post a job on TopIQs.

Edit your profile

Contact information

3. Click Create a Job.

create a job

4. Fill in the Job description as shown below. Use your Early Tester NFT number, for example, #3425.

Enter Job description

5. Wait for a proposal from BHAgent. Check your email or your job from your profile.
6. Accept the proposal
7. Like, retweet, and comment on what you think about the future of TopIQs Marketplace, and tag three friends on the following link: BH Network Thread.

8. Copy the link to your requested comment and send it on the proposal to BH Agent via chat.
9. Complete the job.

If you need any help on the way, ask us at https://t.me/bhnetwork

*Note: Rewards will be sent by the end of next week.