Deep DAO is an analytical data site developed for decentralized autonomous organizations. Deep DAO offers extensive information gathering and analytics. This article will give you an overview of Deep DAO and discuss the company’s services.

Deep DAO

Deep DAO is the best analytics and discovery engine for the DAO ecosystem. The primary purpose of Deep DAO is to list, analyze, and aggregate governance and financial data for the rapidly growing DAO ecosystem.

Featuring more than a thousand DAOs, and over one million governance participants, the company has created an extensive network of work and social connections in the Web3 space.

Tools Offered By Deep DAO?

Deep DAO offers a wide array of tools (82 at the time of writing) to manage and create DAOs. To give you an idea of the kind of tools they offer, we have listed four here:

Hats Finance

This decentralized bug bounty marketplace enables projects to develop their native token bounty vault. These tokens are used as rewards and given to white hat hackers who expose vulnerabilities in the codebase. The Hats committee examines all submissions.



Certiks is a blockchain security company that uses formal verification techniques and artificial intelligence to secure applications, smart contracts, and networks. Certiks BUIDLs its security network to enable decentralized and real-time code assessment.


Pessimistic offers audits for DeFi platforms, smart contracts, and blockchain networks. Pessimistic also provides blockchain security education and consultancy. Pessimistic focuses are on startups, and many DAOs are already on the list.


Rally is software for collectives and creators to trade autonomously, present, and own their NFTs. In addition, the creators can also create their tokenized fans community, collectors, and other parties.

Deep DAO Pricing

Here are the subscription plans that Deep DAO offers:


  • $25 per month/$250 annually
  • Full ecosystem statistics
  • List of DAOs
  • DAOs categories
  • DAOist participation ranking and score
  • Daily active proposals

Deep DAO Pro

  • 450 dollars per month/$4.5K annually
  • All Daoist profiles, such as proposals, voting, organizations, similar people graphs, and rankings
  • Full-time series for treasuries, voters, votes, and proposals
  • Similar organizations based on tokens or participants
  • Endpoint whitelists


You can create your section of the DAOist population

  • $3000 for six months
  • By range of time
  • By organizations/companies
  • By treasury range
  • More than 50 whitelists for different queries, from pure research to token distribution

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is A DAO Treasury?

A DAO Treasury is a digital asset used to store the value of tokens or digital assets within a decentralized autonomous organization. The treasury can be used to store profits, pay out dividends, and fund other operations of the DAO.

How Does A DAO Owner Generate Income?

Usually, a DAO owner will make money through dividends, which are derived from the investments a company makes. People who are into DAOs can also make money by convincing investors to invest in their businesses.