The Metrics DAO is an open course that teaches students how to analyze and understand Blockchain data using SQL. In this article, we will discuss in detail what Metrics DAO is and what purpose the course serves.

About Metrics DAO

A group of analytical minds and analysts in the Blockchain ecosystem is releasing metrics DAO. Flipside Crypto supports the infrastructure of DAO, and the company is also contributing to Metrics DAO’s IP. Metrics DAO is open for other analysts and data providers as well.

Metric DAO’s founders believe in giving analysts free access to data. All analytics platforms and data providers help raise the tide of the blockchain and crypto ecosystem.

Metrics DAO was created to enable protocols and Blockchains to succeed and empower analytical minds. Metrics DAO is critical for all ecosystem and Blockchain participants, as it offers metrics, visualizations, insights, and data. All this information enables participants to be informed, active and engaged.

Metrics DAO offers the framework to deliver on-demand insights, activate analysts, source community questions, quality control results, and structure bounties. Metrics DAO plans to be a community that benefits people of different skill levels.

Metric DAO will also enable analysts to participate in different ways. For example, protocols and Blockchains will also engage with Metrics DAO to get the required metrics.

Why use Metrics DAO?

Metrics and analytics are the lifeblood of Blockchain networks. Protocols are constantly evolving, and in real-time, so accurate data is needed to share ideas or develop a better understanding.

How does Metrics DAO Work?

Regardless of your skill level, if you are an analyst and have an analytical brain, you can easily become a member of Metrics DAO; there are no other requirements. You can also follow Metrics DAO on Twitter or join them on Discord.

Those that are Genesis members at Metrics DAO will get a POAP. There are also more rewards in the pipeline, and you can stay in the loop by following Metrics DAO on social media.

How to Create, Educate and Engage Peer Review Analytics?

How to create, educate and engage Peer review Analytics

Community Brainstorming

To participate in community brainstorming, you don’t need an xMETRIC. If your submission qualifies, you will get a 50 xMETRIC and 10 dollars in stablecoins or partner tokens. Qualified upvotes will get 5 xMETRIC.


The analytics component converts the questions into actionable bounties for an analyst community. The analytics will solve these bounties by creating content, tools, or analytics. Analytics will be rewarded in the form of stablecoins or partner tokens. So for the majority of the bounties, you won’t need xMETRIC.

Peer Review

Tools, analytics, and content are peer-reviewed by a group of dynamic analysts. These analysts will give a score and decide whether the content, analytics, or tools are valid. However, only those analysts can use this component who have 2000 xMETRIC and have shown that they have superior crypto analytical skills.

This three-step system enables analysts to generate data about important topics or protocols.