Parsiq is a platform for Blockchain development and was founded in 2018. With this platform, developers release Blockchain apps that transfer off-chain and on-chain information in real-time. In this article, we will take an in-depth look into Parsiq and discuss various aspects of the platform.

Parsiq Overview

The Parsiq platform enables developers to connect Blockchain dApps to various devices, observe changes in the Blockchain, deploy DeFi apps, develop custom events through smart contracts and make automated bots.

Parsiq collaborates with various Blockchains and has over 50,000 users deployed over 150,000 apps. Parsiq’s primary goal is to ensure that Blockchain technology is adopted correctly. In addition, the company offers the necessary tools and believes in allowing everyone to manipulate and understand Blockchain information streams.

These are some of the companies that collaborate with Parsiq:

  • AAVE
  • Paid
  • Balancer
  • SuperFarm
  • Dexe Network
  • HECO
  • Charli3
  • Relite
  • Chainlink
  • CLV
  • Autonio.Foundation
  • Euler.Tools

How does Parsiq Work?

The word ‘Parsiq’ is derived from ‘Parsing.’ The meaning of parsing is extracting information from one source and transferring it to a database. Parsiq can sync data from blockchains such as DASH, ALGO, Ethereum, and Bitcoin, making the platform Blockchain neutral.

Developers can extract the data by making APIs through Webhooks. Developers can also take APIs from data transmission pre-sets. Here are some top features that Parsiq offers:

  • A payment processor and a native wallet allow users to process cryptocurrency payments through the Parsiq platform.
  • Smart triggers are databases of workflow that bridge off-chain and on-chain data, enabling developers to connect decentralized applications with centralized applications.
  • Parsiq has a programming language called ParsiQL, enabling you to create more than one work stream on the platform.
  • PRQ token, this token is used by companies to pay for the services Parsiq offers when they release apps on their platform. Of 150 million tokens, 50 million are staked on the IQ Space protocol.
  • The user panel of the Parsiq platform enables developers to deploy basic apps through pre-sets like Ethereum balance pre-sets. The most basic applications are the crypto balance apps, and developers can create these apps on Parsiq. You can also create advanced apps to scale for thousands of users.

Analytics and Database Services that Parsiq Offers

Parsiq has accounts that contain databases, and users can store information in these databases. This information can be indexed and parsed by third-party apps. For example, a database can track addresses that possess a specific token, which will help the user to determine the token’s eligibility for an airdrop.

Analytics and Database services that Parsiq offers

However, databases also have other functions, as you can use them to derive information regarding user behavior on a particular application. Therefore, Parsiq also provides its customers with advanced analytics and reports by extracting data from various databases and aggregating it.

You can use Parsiq to produce statistics with the help of visualizations. For instance, if you create an application to track whale movements on a Blockchain such as BTC, Parsiq can easily track the amount of Bitcoins the whales moved in a day.


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