Protocol Labs is a development, deployment, and research lab designed for networking protocols. This article will thoroughly discuss Protocol Labs, its usefulness, and the type of services and products it offers.

Protocol Labs Overview

Juan Benet is the founder of Protocol Labs and founded the company in 2014. In 2019, the first Protocol Lab workshop was held in Denver, Colorado. Later that year, they revealed the Filecoin code to the community, and the Filecoin Testnet was launched.

Last year, Protocol Labs also released NFTs with an off-chain storage option for assets and NFTs. Their service is easy-to-use and free. Within the first year, more than 40 NFTs have been stored on Filecoin and IPFS.

Protocol Labs works with a community of organizations and individuals trying to create a better future using various technologies. The Protocol Lab is a fully distributed company, and the team comprises 100 passionate individuals who all work remotely. Protocol Lab aims to improve the quality of life through technology.

What Does Protocol Labs Offer?

The projects of Protocol Labs aim to build a more robust foundation for our digital future and improve the internet. Here are some of their main projects:


Protocol Labs developed this peer-to-peer hypermedia protocol to make the net more open, faster, and secure. IFPS will only address content files, not location-based files.


A decentralized storage network that is powered by crypto.

Test Ground

The Test Ground is a platform for simulating, benchmarking, and testing peer-to-peer systems.


IPLD (InterPlanetary Linked Data) is a set of implementations and standards for developing decentralized data structures that are linkable and agreeable.


This system will encode self-describing values to future-proof information networks.


This is an open-source reputation and community protocol for open collaboration.


The work of Protocol Labs spans the entire innovation stream, from deploying end-user products to the earliest research ideation.


RestNetLab develops sturdy platforms for open collaboration on a series of distributed systems.


ConsensusLab explores cutting-edge, permissionless, and scalable consensus protocols.


This platform is designed to create cryptographic applications and tools for trustless systems.


There is a blog section on the Protocol Labs website, and new blogs are added in the section regularly. The blogs will help you keep up to date with the latest news and developments.


The Protocol Labs company grows, contributes, and supports several initiatives and projects. The company also collaborates with different organizations such as DAOs, blockchains, universities, OSS projects, and foundations.


This is an open-industry academic initiative to mainstream ZKP (Zero-knowledge proof) cryptography through a community-driven and inclusive standardization procedure.

VDF Alliance

This is a collaboration between Tezo, Ethereum, and Interchain foundations to develop and design an efficient, usable, and secure hard implementation of VDFs (Verifiable delay functions).

Web3 Summit

This summit is organized by one rallying call: to create a decentralized web where user can control their destiny, identity, and data.

Offline Camp

This platform explores offline patterns for creating applications that are stubborn in the face of intermittent internet connections.